Moose & Friends


Moose & Friends was formed in 2013 as the power trio of Andrew Moose, Kevin Plant and Marty White in Hickory, NC. 

The trio has exponentially expanded in recent years by adding a revolving group of players from all over NC. The collection of players in Moose & Friends also play with regional acts including members of The Message, Coddle Creek, The Goodnight Brothers, DUK TAN, The Bloodworth Project. 

Moose & Friends play a collection of original songs written by all members that have influences in jam, jazz and newgrass. 

Moose & Friends over the course of it's history has played iconic venues and festivals and has shared the stage with regional and national acts of magnitude.



History of Moose & Friends- Andrew Moose has played music for the masses in Western NC since his days in college in Hickory, NC. Moose has fronted the groups Galveston (RIP) The Wooderson's (RIP) Melba Toast (RIP) and continues to sit in with other groups in the Western NC area. Moose & Friends was formed with longevity in mind. With a large rotating ensemble Moose & Friends is able to be dynamic and accompany any venue.  

Marty White (also with Boogaloo Zoo)

Kevin Plant

Luke Galliher (also with Motion)

Steven Davidson (also with Coddle Creek)

Jeff Winfrey (also with DUK TAN)

Dom Val (also with Bobby’s Jorts)

David Gibson (also with Ezra Root and The Bloodworth Project)

Spencer Bloodworth (also with The Bloodworth Project)

Tyler Apple (also with The Bloodworth Project)

Rick Hefner (also with Boogaloo Zoo)

Jamie Trollinger

Waylon Bayard (also with DUK TAN)

Jesse Williams (also with Bobby’s Jorts)

Travis Hedrick (also with Motion)

Justin Moose